There is no other single piece of fitness equipment that has all the functionality of the Total Body Board.  It can be used on the floor or hang it on the wall for even more versatility.

Benefits of the Total Body Board

The Total Body Board is unlike any other fitness product on the market.  The Total Body Board allows you to be very creative with your training and offers many benefits:

  • Total body workout in 30 minutes
  • Cardio, strength, core, muscle building, balance, weight loss and flexibility exercise
  • High & Low Intensity Training
  • Group Fitness
  • Perform sport specific exercises
  • Great for rehabbing and reducing injuries
  • Replaces multiple pieces of equipment
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easy to store

Concentric, Eccentric and Isometric Exercise on the Total Body Board

Concentric Contractions
In the concentric, or shortening phase of a lift, your ability to generate peak force in less time improves. A combination of both heavy resistance and resistance training with lighter resistance can be used to build strength and power during the concentric phase. The curl phase when performing an arm curl and the standing phase when performing a squat are both concentric strength building movements. This is sometimes referred to as the positive portion of the repetition.

Eccentric Phase
This is sometimes called the negative portion of a repetition or the lengthening phase. This occurs when the muscles stretch to accommodate resistance. An example of this would be lowering the bar when performing the bench press or lowering in to the squat position when performing squats. This can allow for greater increases in micro trauma to your muscle fibers, which can produce greater increases in muscle growth.

Isometric Exercise
In isometric exercise your muscles don’t expand or contract, which makes it sound easy — until you try hold a position with the resistance pulling against you for 60 seconds. Isometric exercise involves keeping certain muscles tensed for a period of time.

Combination Training
Both eccentric and concentric actions occur in conventional resistance exercise, but each has slightly different effects. Both can help you achieve increases in strength and muscle mass while burning fat. Focusing on one type of training may help you achieve specific goals. But on the Total Body Board you can add variety to your workout by mixing it up a little, for example, once you can do a 12-rep set of leg extensions easily, try alternating concentric and eccentric sets. You can add isometrics to any exercise by pausing at the top of the move for a few beats.