Total Body Board App – Download for Free

The Total Body Board is a single piece of fitness equipment created by Olympic gold medalist, Charles Austin. It allows for all variations of sport performance and fitness training! Concentric training, Eccentric training, Isometric training or a combination of the three can be performed on the Total Body Board. 
This app provides detailed instruction for the Total Body Board resistance training methods and techniques through photos, videos, and text. With the Total Body Board you can do a total body workout in as little as thirty minutes. 
The Total Body Board App offers a multitude of exercises including strength, cardio, core, balance and sport specific training! 
The great thing about the Total Body Board is it actually gets results FAST! Its versatility is great for all levels of fitness, rehabilitation and sports performance training. No mater if you are a beginner or a professional athlete, the Total Body Board will challenge everyone from the beginner to the advanced, the young to the elderly throughout the workout. Build muscle, increase speed, jump higher, increase endurance, rehab and prevent injuries and more can be accomplished using the Total Body Board. Maximum Training equals Maximum Performance!

- Different exercises sorted by body part (plus variations)

- Instructional photos, videos and text for each exercise

– 5 pre-made workouts

- TIMER for exercise/rest intervals
– Connect via Social Media

- And more…