The Total Body Board’s versatility is unmatched by any other single piece of fitness equipment on the market. Total Body Board users rave about the quality of workouts and the results they achieve.



As an NBA strength & conditioning coach I need versatile equipment that allows me to train players of all training backgrounds at the same time, and the Total Body Board definitely lives up to its name. The TBB gets players’ attention because it’s movement-based training that primes their bodies for practice or games.

Derek Millender
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Cleveland Cavaliers


Everything is going well with the TBB. We have only a handful of guys doing rehab right now but we are utilizing it on a daily basis. We’ve done resisted step-ups, lunges with chest press, resisted proprioception exercises, etc. Looking forward to putting it to more use as we progress in the offseason program.

Robert T. Roche, III MS, ATC, NASM-CES, PES
Minnesota Vikings Football


The Total Body Board is JAG Physical Therapy’s most dynamic piece of equipment that allows us to treat patients at all fitness and functional levels.  The capabilities are limitless, and has been tremendously helpful in assisting our patients as they “Get Back the Life They Love”!

John Gallucci Jr., ATC, PT, DPT
President, JAG Physical Therapy 
Medical Consultant, Major League Soccer


The #ARC is excited about this new toy.  We along the Athletic Orthopedics & Knee Center physical therapy will share on of the best training, rehab and general conditioning pieces of equipment out there.  @TotalBodyBoard We are lucky to have Dr. Baxter for this gift!!!

Active Recovery & Cryotherapy Athletic Performance


The Total Body board is an incredible piece of equipment. Unlike so many other pieces, it is versatile, saves space, and can easily be adapted to individual or group training. Nobody standing around doing nothing when the Board is in the room!  You can do so many things with it and train any level of athlete. It will be the most cost-effective tool in your gym.

Boo Schexnayder
Co-Founder of Schexnayder Athletic Consulting


This is one of the most interesting and unusual methods of exercising that I have ever seen much less used. Depending on the placement of the elastic bands, you can work every part of the body (well not the skull. I suppose that’s next.). Maybe not the toes, but everything else. It’s kind of fun as well as remarkably effective.

Genie Brix


The Total Body Board gave me amazing results.  At the NFL Pro Day, I ran a 4.37 in the 40yd dash, had a vertical of 37 inches and had a standing long jump of 9 feet 7 inches.  Every session after using it, I would feel increases in my bodies’ explosion as well as stability and durability. The Total Body Board made me feel like I was being challenged in my workout.

Isaiah Battle


I am 56 years old and have been working out on the Total Body Board for several years. I have seen great overall results. I’ve lost inches and two sizes, i’m more toned and much stronger. The Total Body Board is a lot of fun to work out on.

Judy Thornton